The Gaelic Classes at Breadalbane Academy


There are two Gaelic medium classes in Breadalbane Academy, P1-P3 and P4-P7. They have their own classrooms but mix with the rest of the english medium students for breaks, lunchtime, golden time and some special projects.

The Teachers


Mrs MacDonald started teaching the Gaelic Medium Class at Breadalbane in 2013. She is very experienced in teaching Gaelic Medium composite classes and now teaches P1-P3.

Mrs Cochrane teaches P4-P7. She is an experienced teacher who has also taught High School French.


Current Projects


The children are currently working on a project about the highland clearances and have been learning all about symmetry in maths.

Primary Gaelic Medium Education


Gaelic Medium Education in primary school involves the use of the Gaelic language for all learning and teaching, across all subjects in the curriculum, using immersion methods in P1 and P2. English reading and writing are generally introduced from P3 but the principal language of the classroom is Gaelic throughout primary. The aim of Gaelic Medium Education, through the government's national guidelines, is to take children to the same level of fluency in Gaelic and English by the time they leave primary school. In most instances Gaelic Medium Education is delivered in Gaelic Medium departments within English Medium schools but some areas now have Gaelic Medium schools.


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