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Why we choose Gaelic Education for our children



'lucky to have the opportunity'

I have a daughter in Gaelic medium education. For me the decision was easy. Giving my child the opportunity to learn another language apart from the English and Dutch that are spoken at home is a great benefit. Seeing first hand how kids can pick up different languages very quickly at this young age is remarkable. Having a composite class is a big bonus to me, as I see how the different ages can strengthen each others qualities. 

'Broadening our child's horizons'

My husband and I always hoped that our children would speak a second language one day.  When we found out Gaelic Medium was on offer we did question how we would support our child as we do not speak the language.  However our daughter in now in P3 and we are so pleased that we took the ‘leap of faith’.  Not only is it amazing to hear her speak another language but her confidence has excelled.  The class which is composite is such a lovely environment and all the children are learning to work with and respect each other.  The teacher is very supportive and help is given to parents for homework.  We have every intention to sign our Son up when the time comes.

'I love the confidence and interest in other cultures and languages that being in the Gaelic class has fostered in my children.'

I did a lot of research into Gaelic Medium and bilingualism before choosing to put my eldest daughter into the Gaelic class. The class had not been set up when we had to make our decision so we could not go in and see it in practice like you can now.  The more I read the more I began to think it made perfect sense and was a great opportunity. I had no hesitation in also putting my younger daughter into the gaelic class.

'Its amazing to hear him talking fluently in another language.'

When we heard that there was an opportunity for our son to be educated bilingually we jumped at the chance.  Its amazing to hear him talking fluently in another language.  He understands that not everyone speaks the same language in the world and when we are travelling abroad he already wants to use simple greetings and phrases in other languages to chat to people.  We also like that he is speaking a language that has a deep cultural connection to the landscape and place we live in.  A massive bonus for us is that the teacher is encouraging an early love of music through the Mod and Fèis

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