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Commann nam Parant


Parents Group for parents with children in Gaelic Medium at Breadalbane Academy



We are a small group of parents who are keen to play an active part in our childrens learning.

Currently no parents speak Gaelic but a few are trying to learn through the various available courses and learning weeks. There is extra support for homework including online support available in the evenings and a close relationship with the class teachers who are always willing to help. 


Comman nam Parant Obar Pheallaidh? What do we aim to do?


Comman nam Parant Obar Pheallaidh was setup in August 2012 to help promote Gaelic Medium Education in and around Aberfeldy. We have set our aims out below:


  • Promote in all appropriate ways the concept of Gaelic Medium Education.

  • Establish links between parents of children attending the various levels of GME in and around Aberfeldy.

  • Represent the views of said parents

  • Provide information and other support for parents relative to GME.

  • Provide Gaelic Medium extra-curricular recreational opportunities for children attending GME.

  • Offer material and support to the school.

  • Raise funds for the benefit of GME in and around Aberfeldy.

  • Liaise with the school, the National CnP, Commun na Gaidhlig and Bord na Gaidhlig.

  • Assist the GME class with school trips.

  • Help publicise the successes of the GME unit at Breadalbane.

  • Facilitating the establishment and running of the Gaelic homework club - Sradagan,  in partnership with PKC.

  • Establishing and assisting the Gaelic playgroup  - Cròileagan.


In any education system, parents have a crucial role to play and where Gaelic is concerned this role takes on an added dimension; it was as a result of the efforts of parents that GME began in 1985.

Parental support is vital at all stages of Gaelic Medium Education.

 It is desirable that children should hear the language at every available opportunity and the more often this happens, particularly in their pre-school years, the quicker they will develop their language skills. Parents should expose their children to Gaelic in the home as frequently as possible, watching BBC Alba and Gaelic Radio.


Many local authority community education departments offer Gaelic courses for parents and a number of on-line courses are now available. There are also a growing number of opportunities for Gaelic family holidays.




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